Red Link FS.png
Life span?
No flag No coa

Nowhere man by leenik
star void

capital nowhere
leader nobody
religion none
currency zero's
total 0
amount of geldroids 0
species nothing
600px-523 RandomPerson copy Download (5)

 nowhere is a place in the noworld, actually its not even a placenobody knows where nowhere lies and nothing goes there during the winter

history Edit

nowhere was discovered by nobody in notime while looking for nothing and riding on nocar and watching nothing.

reign of red linkEdit

after nobody died red link took the throne and ruled it from never to nodate. red link conquered many nations such as no mans land and neverland

no manEdit

threatens a messenger. THIS IS NOWHERE


zero was the third leader of nowhere thanks to him the country of nowhere still stands and is not part of anywhere or somewhere

great leader zero


nowhere has noculture

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