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the Mosque of  Mormon Muslim Mohammedites also known as the church of lsd is the literally most true religion ever and literally everyone believes in it


mormonist islam is the belief that jesus, god Mormon Allah , Mormon Mohammed, abraham, moses and adam جوزيف سميث and supergirl had a drinking game for ever 

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fart they let after eating 50000 brown beans but god mormon allah won so he drunkly created the universe and the other guys were trapped as spirits and were to be ressurected later which they all were prophets except for Mormon Mohammed who became a super-prophet

it is the biggest religion and has 467 followers throughout the universe

it is literally the only religion ever. and everyone ever believes in it. even the japanese

pagan non-mm cultsEdit

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god on abrahamism

these cults and sects are commonly referred asabrahamism and are also known as israelite mythology they are some of the most violent beliefs in the milky way and it is the belief that there is only one god and that he has talked to abraham,

sadly not everyone has accepted Mormon Mohammed into their hearts and so these sects exist.



jesus in his canadian form

christianity is a jewish sect

chistianity is the least believed yet the most violent of these religions 

the guy who started it was jesus which is also his own father and born from a virgin

appearently jesus did some miracles and died on a cross that was supposed to save us from our sins (but we still go to hell) and the jews which jesus appearently was the king of are to blame for his death but he didn't die he ressurected and then went to heaven even through he wasn't dead since he was ressurected. 

also the christians believe there is only one god yet the father the son and the holy snake are god but are not each other


judaism is the belief that god is a pimp who gave the land of palestine to the people who believe in judaism and sent moses and abraham to free them from the evil pharaoh and waterbend the red sea

hitler didn't like this one

roman catholicEdit

the belief that god is jupiter and the pope is pluto


orthodoxx christians are all heretics


same as mormonism exept that SCIENTOLOGY KILLS

buddhist bullshitEdit



see gandhi

tao tao kyunEdit

chinaese bullshit