Quote1 Geldroids are not pets. Geldroids are not target practice. Geldroids are not even food. ---pirates Quote2

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planet sebez
kingdom Unknown
order Unknown
alliance mainly ëvil and some good

a geldroid is liek a metroid butt it transgender ye

where do me..... GELDROID COME FROMEdit

nobody knows


maybe from the dephts of inner space.... or something

but there are manny theroies

Theory 1Edit

in the beginning there was only TEH DAWKNESS (oh and also god)


yes this is teh darknes

day 0Edit


day 1Edit


nothing more happens... really..................

day 2Edit

and god decided to seperate the darkness from the light

he called the darkness day and the light night

and there was a second day and god said that it was good

day 4Edit

god made some stuff like water, land, air, rubix cubes etc.

day 5Edit


oh yeah

god made birds and fish

and lungfish

and dolan

and gaben

and this wiki

and cheese

and jesus

and man

and animals

and poop

and fish

and birds

and fish


day 6Edit

and on the 6th day god created bad grammar and every creeping, crawling, and walking thing on the earth

and on the evening he decided to creat h GELDROIDS

god made geldroids from dust from the ground in shape of his own image


yes this is what god llooks liek

day 7Edit

and on the seventh day god rested EVEN IF HE IS OMNISCIENT HE NEEDS SOME F****CKING SLEEP

Theory 2Edit

the second theory suggests that you shoud believ in some thinfg calld survival of the fittest

but really nobody cares in which you believeEdit

evolution of the geldroidEdit

a geldroid starts as a geldroid larve or a geldroid infant and at level 5 it will evolve into a regular geldroid

then you have 2 choices evolve your geldroid into a giant geldroid

2. you evolve your geldroid into a feta geldroid

if you evolve your feta geldroid at lv. 12 it will evolve into a alpha geldroid

but if you evolve your feta geldroid WITH laser eye (obtainable through tm) it will evolve into an irisdroid and if you keep one slot free a balldroid will appear

if your alpha geldroid is female she will evolve at lv 15 into a gamma geldroid

if your alpha geldroid is male he will evolve at lv 20 into a beta geldroid

at lv 20 she (gamma geldroid) will evolve into a zeta geldroid

and at lv 30 she (zeta geldroid) will evolve into an omega geldroid

Geldroid evolution

weakneses and strongnesesEdit

geldroids are a hard enemy to kill

sebez geldroidsEdit

the eastiest way to kill a geldroid on sebez is to first freeze it with an ice beam

and then you fire a lazer at it


a frozen geldroid

then it will explode

solon geldroidsEdit

to kill solon geldroids you must first take out its metball then burn it and finally shoot it back so it will explode

frezus geldroidsEdit

to kill geldroids on frezus you first freeze them and then take out their metball

then they will explode


the red/blue thing in the middle of the geldroid is it's life force and eye

it has green skin

and white teeth

the red produces r1 wich is used to keep the geldroid warm

the blue produces b1 wich is used to keep the geldroid cold